вот автоматический перевод с немецкого нового ривью на лягух...

Grundik + Slava from Israel put with „Frogs“ a very experimental work forwards. It is that 2. Work from the row „fauna“. The whole appeared on the Topheth prophet/Auris Media label, where already "the Blutharsch - Israel CD" appeared. Now, which one can say to CD, which is dedicated to the frogs?

As one probably assumes it, one is supplied on all ten songs of these CD with a kind "Teichambiente". From quaken up to chirp the crickets the full spectrum at noises one orders, which the pond and its environment offer in such a way. An exception forms title 10, which is provided with more noises.

Continuous electronic sounds and ritual singing mixed, isolated is used also times a guitar and a bass guitar. For the evenly genanten ritual singing Victoria Hanna has responsibility itself. It borrowed its voice to whole 5 titles that CD. Further guest musicians are still Igor Krutogolov (bass guitar), as well as Vadim Gusis of chaos As Shelter.

Surely a very interesting feature in the experimental/ritual Electro sector and a purchase tip for friends of this music. Also the Cover is arranged substantial. One sees, as should expect one it also differently, a frog on white background and contains a small poster.

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  1. А где распространяется этот новый релиз "Лягухи"?
    и сколько он стоит?

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