Grundik+Slava are two Russian immigrants in Israel, they make some weird music. I think for some people hard to accept. The music brings you in a kind of ecstatic moods. The music is more psychedelic than Pink Floyd. The music is very different from Pink Floyd: it's made on a computer.

It's hard to tell you what kind of music it exactly is on this tape. "La nenavizu svoi sadik" sounds threatening, with help from some sampled violins. Catz Waltz contains a pianosample and a lot of strange sounds. Alison is a song with voices, ghosts are the subject. Also A Night in November has some voices in it, but this time they are in slow-motion. Expirimental sounds are dazzling in my head. Lavatory Pan sounds like an underground barrel-organ. Just when you think you know what you hear it changes in something else. Lost. Other songs are folkloristic(!) and other songs are freaky.

Turn you're volume high and close your eyes. Some illusions in my head. This is what I call a trip without mushrooms!


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