toy tech - Toy-tech multimedia cd-rom (Herzelia museum of arts)

Herzliya six-pack
By Gil Goldfine
The Herzliya Museum of Art, under the directorship of Dalia Levin, has become an enthusiastic sponsor of contemporary art and has taken on a role that identifies it with the European Kunsthalle rather than with the Kunstmuseum...NEITHER SCULPTURES nor 21st-century hi-tech toys, Avi Setton's small wind-up objects are low-tech machines with hi-tech aspirations. Exquisitely fabricated from a variety of materials (steel, brass, aluminum and acrylic sheets), these beautiful, aerodynamic objects are restricted by defined movements and limited destinations. They are truly deceptive: an evident desire to accelerate and blast off is rebuffed by a simple coil-and-spring mechanism which allows them merely to move around a table-top environment, run out of steam and die a slow, chugging, death.

toytech resize - Toy-tech multimedia cd-rom (Herzelia museum of arts)

Setton has also taken his low-tech toys and transformed them into stars of a hi-tech, interactive multimedia presentation. In a darkened gallery out of view of the objects, visitors can activate the computerized program and play a digital art game. This exciting spin-off is as fascinating, yet more didactic, than the objects themselves. GroovAbility Design Studio together with Short-Cut and Sub-Res Studios were responsible for the digital interactive presentation; a compatible sound track was provided by Grundik + Slava.In this show of techno-cultural cooperation, Eastronics supplied the latest computers, screens and projection equipment and the interactive CD-ROM was made possible with the support of the Arthur Goldreich Trust.


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