This cd is very special. On this cd bird- and sounds of nature are merged into clear sounding electronic compositions. This is already the fourth cd of the Russian-American Grundik + Slava and this is the first one distributed worldwide. The sound colours and patterns are very pleasurable and the music feels like a warm bath or the sun of the first days of spring. The music is harmonic with nice atmospheres and melancholic sounds. The image that is invoked by the music is that of an awakening richly flourishing nature. Sometimes you’ll notice Oriental elements, underlined by the singing of Victoria Hanna, who’s not afraid to throw in some jazzy pieces. This is a cd for the lover of pure and honest music that aims straight for the heart and soul. A fresh wind blows through the mind of the listener while listening to the music after which you feel reborn. This is a very good achievement. Check this!


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