21 01 2014 15 16 24 - Side-Line, for electronics and birds, 29.07.2004Grundik+Slava are the collaboration between two electronic musicians and sound-artists Grundik Igor Kasyansky and Slava Smelovsky. They got together in 1994 in Tel-Aviv and quickly emerged as the key figures in the Israeli experimental electronic music scene. Their record "Polise" was even voted "best Israeli electronic album of the year" by major Israeli newspapers Maariv and Ha-Aretz in 2000. Grundik and Slava have released several CD's in Israel and Germany. On their 4th album “… for Electronics and Birds”, the first one to be released outside Israel, the duo brings a collection of clean soundscapes here and there mixed with ethnic ingredients that enrich the otherwise very sterile ambience. Not really for my ears though because it lacks of dissonant elements for some reason. www.stateart.de


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