...The collaborations between Grundik & Slava and Ambidextrous gave birth to a classic I.D.M album - one that provides ambience and "meaning". It is an Electronic album with a clear link to the warm, basic melodies&beats of the early - mid Nineties / the flowering Ambient-House scene (Orb, Orbital, Spooky). In "Split" the artists take the Electronic tradition on which they were raised and combine, with emotion, with current musical themes. The musical range of the album is wide - between gentle Synths, German - 80's electro & early 90's Autechre style hip hop brakes. All that in direct connection to the current fertile Intelligent Electronica scene in Russia (novel 23, eu) whose sound is categorized by a winning combination between Ambient loops, gentle Electro-pop melodies and multi-layered textures/Industrialized micro-sounds... ...this one goes between ambient and more clasic IDM electronica. our last collaboration with fact records. we want to remind all that all ak duck releases are available in most indie shops and also online via: www.factrecords.co.il www.normanrecords.com


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