Are you tired of boring and bland mainstream music and looking for something that’s totally out of the ordinary? Are you looking for a record full of quirkiness and charm and searching forlornly for innovation and originality but can’t find it? Search no further my friend. Your quest is over and your prayers have been answered by the God of good sense and taste. Grundik + Slava’s "…For Electronics and Birds" is the cd for you.

The record is a surprising, and I do mean surprising, mix of experimental / avant garde electronic pieces coupled with various loops of different birdsong. In places there is a childlike innocence and naivety to the music, the inclusion of what sounds like �Three blind mice’ being played during one track backs this up, that astounds and mesmerises in equal measure. The eccentric mix of simple sound structures mixed through with Asian musical influences and female voice adds to the surreal yet calming atmospheres. I’m reminded of Graeme (SPK) Revell’s "The Insect Musicians" record of many years ago which, although inferior in style, is the nearest comparison I can think of.

Grundik + Slava’s "…For Electronics and Birds" is a recording that oozes quality and refinement and is a breath of fresh air in a stale overcrowded market of blandness. Don’t let this exquisite recording pass you by.


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