Improv and ghostly drone/ambient constructions are mixed with field recordings of frogs (and freshwater environments) and haunting vocal improvisations from singer Victoria Hanna by the Israeli duo Grundik/Slava. Sort of creepy, but very pretty. The chirping of frogs and crickets mingles with Victoria's strange, witchy enunciations and child-like gibberish, while bass guitars, howling wind, guitar, ocarina, drum machines, theremin, music box, singing bowls, and mbira swirl and clatter in the background. Very dreamlike and drony and spectral-sounding. Victoria's vocals are genuinely weird, shifting between breathy vocal drones , dramatic harmonies, and strange aboriginal chants. Part endless drone, part free-psych-folk, and part avant-electronica, Frogs sort of reminds us of a weird cross between Charalambides, Dead Raven Choir, and Dead Can Dance. Drone hero Chaos As Shelter collaborated on some of these tracks.


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