Sometime in 2004 Grundik & Slava released one of the most beguiling, intriguing and absolutely beautiful releases titled "For Electronics and Birds"€™ on the Russian Stateart Record label. It should have sold tons. In truth…probably no-one went out and bought it. The mixture of experimental and avant-garde electronic pieces to be found on there can be a daunting prospect for those not accustomed to such music. Mores the pity. "frogs"€™ is follow up to that release…and if anything is even more experimental in structure. Slava Smelovsky and Grundik Kasyansky have created a atmospheric world where nature intertwines with the real and imaginary. Here field recordings are mixed with the sounds of singing and other noises / samples and are delicately blended to create exquisite electronic panoramas. Exploring different effects and sound sources they move from the easily accessible to the unfathomable within the blink of an eye. Part improv, part electro-acoustic, part drone, part neo-folk (ish), part melodic they continually challenge the listeners perceptions, almost daring…nay double daring, them to second guess where the music will go next. You never will. The artists themselves didn’t as they state that â€?there were no compositional or conceptual limits to the work’ thus giving them the freedom to let their artistic vein flow. And flow the music does. From a slightly oppressive soundscape bathed in darkness to the washing of the sea on a shore this fantastical musical journey lays its own path guided by the artists fair hands. Not everyone will understand what "frogs" is about. Not everyone will appreciate the diversity of its challenging music. Only those with an inquisitive and open mind should investigate "frogs"™. For there is much hidden gems to uncover if patience be your virtue. And of course…this comes highly recommended to those who bought "For Electronics and Birds"€™. They will not be disappointed by this follow up.


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