Creating an audio work that is both interesting and that achieves it's objective of representing the world of frogs is no easy thing to do. However Grundik+Slava have done just that and it works surprisingly well. Using a combination of techniques including field recordings, electronics, electroacoustics, synthesisers, noise and drones, built around Victoria's improvised vocals, 'Frogs' is an accomplished work, a fitting soundtrack to a night spent dreaming on the rain forest floor. Grundik+Slava's intelligent use of sound, over ten intertwined audio works on this album, provide the listener with eerie, damp soundscapes bustling with life. Victoria Hanna's vocals drone in an almost psychedelic fashion, adding to the remote feeling of the recording. 'Frogs' is an extremely experimental album, but by keeping their subject-matter prominent Grundik+Slava have created a very listenable recording. This is a challenging CD that is also highly enjoyable to listen to.

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