A bizarre title for a bizarre CD. Grundik + Slava is a duo producing odd experimental music, mixing field recordings of animals' voices (mostly birds, insects and, obviously, frogs) with noise, children singing and other sounds and effects. "Frogs" is supposed to be a collection of short fairy-tale about frogs, forests and women, indeed effectively recreated by the music. The listener is sucked inside a magic world dwelled by strange and sometimes disturbing presences, like in the wonderful "One More Song About Frog", where deep, dark melodies and echoed female voices suggest images of an ancient curse, reminding even of the Northern rituals of old Aghast. "The Forest Song For Big Red Frog" has an hypnotic tribal rhythm and a charming chant which seem to attract you inside the deepest woods, while delicate "The Travel Of Water Frog To Neighbour's Forest Through The Rains" is a small folkish masterpiece of atmosphere.

Grundik + Slava created a very original concept and developed it with ideas and inventiveness. The CD is like a book of forgotten fairy-tales, sometimes sweet and reassuring, sometimes dark and eerie. Victoria Hanna, Igor Krutogolov and Chaos As Shelter are featured as special guests, each one contributing with their personal touch to this twisted imaginary world. "Frogs" is a recommended listening if you're looking for something new and unexplored, as well as if you like ancient and magic tales.

- Simon V.


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