Released in March 2005 as a joint effort between the two labels Auris Media and Topheth Propheth, 'Frogs' of the Israeli-American electronic duo Grundik+Slava is the direct follow-up (and the second instalment in the 'Fauna' series) to '… for electronic and birds' (out on State Art a couple of years ago).
As suggested by the cover album and track titles, it is a conceptual opus dedicated to frogs, that also marks a collaboration with Victoria Hanna (vocals), Igor K (bass) and Vadim Gusis/Chaos As Shelter (vargan).
The cd contains 10 tracks, ranging from experimental, ambient, (sometimes tribal, sometimes atmospheric) to avant-garde electronics…. The music, built upon a mixture of traditional instruments (guitar, ocarina, mbira…) with electronic sounds, ambient drones, and field recordings… manages to create a very special and organic atmosphere. Probably that free noise improvisation passages and the fact that the (voluntary absence of) structure of the tracks (that doesn't make them sound like 'real songs') could make this outing difficult to apprehend. However, ears used to experimental de-constructions shouldn't pass by this strange opus... Perhaps, will you even succeed in unveiling the mystery of the cd tray sentence 'only frogs know...'.

'Frogs' comes in a slipcase featuring a frog on the (front and back) cover and includes an insert on special paper with information about the album and a live photo.

Nathalie F.
Winter 2006

A free downloadable Grundik+Slava live recording (in Jerusalem, April 15, 20004) is available via Qube and Topheth Prophet:


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