Милая рецензия на наш альбом по Хармсу

Performing as simply Grundik + Slava, this pair has released several albums since beginning their partnership in 1994 though this is my first exposure to them. Arriving in one of the more needlessly aggravating packages I’ve seen (more annoying than those old Mort aux Vaches discs!), one is mollified somewhat by the inclusion of some neat little sepia-toned cards drawn by Igor Krutogolov. And the music’s pretty good as well.

Sixteen shortish tracks covering a wide range with portions of the text based on letters by the Russian surrealist poet Daniil Kharms. The opener is quite attractive, featuring some vaguely rhythmic accordion pumpings, Theremin-like wails and other odds and ends behind Slava’s deep but distracted voice, recalling Robert Ashley’s dream monologues. This approach would seem to be fitting for a homage to Kharms and indeed several of the better pieces possess an oneiric quality wherein a tonal element---single piano notes, for example—are played off against rougher, more environmental noises, as though the keyboard sounds are wending their way through a dark, slightly threatening field. A dreamlike, floating feeling accompanies much of the music, a voice wafting in the distance (sometimes Russian, sometimes English), hollow, windy roars, the plinking of a music box hammering out “Lullaby and Goodnight”. The works move in and out of focus, the sharply limned ones contrasting that much more with the blurrier examples, again evoking the pleasant, only mildly troubling feeling of a confused reverie. There’s even sitar! And is that an ocarina I hear? It’s a hodgepodge but an oddly effective one and well worth a listen.

Rruido’s website (www.rruido.com) appears to be nonfunctional at the moment, but interested listeners can probably get more info about the disc from Grundik + Slava’s site

And keep in mind a hopefully upcoming release by Kasyansky and the Argentinean guitarist Leandro Barzabal; it’s a beaut.

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